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For decades RHCabinetmakers creating custom made Kitchens and Cabinets. Kitchens that allow you the customer to design to your space. Many Kitchen companies supply templated cabinets and often the Kitchen Manufacturer will sell designs that fit their cabinet templates restricting your design freedom. At RH Cabinetmakers you have complete control. We meet with you, measure up, then come back and present 3D rendered designs that you can amend as you see fit. Once you have settled on your design we manufacture your Kitchen with excellence and precision striving to make our Kitchens second to none. With this in mind please explore the information below and feel free to contact us with your enquiry - we are always here to help.


Frequently we find our clients are so pleased with their results when their new Kitchen is installed that they then start thinking about creating Cabinets for the whole house and Bathrooms are often the next step. If you just can’t find what you’re looking for for your bathroom talk with us and we’ll work with you to create exactly what you’d like.


Add your own style and flair to your home. Design your own custom designed Cabinets for your bedroom so your haven becomes uniquely your own. This is a common path for those who ask RHCabinetmakers to design, build and install their new custom designed Kitchen. Often customers are so impressed that they then go on to ask us to create cabinets for their whole house stamping their own unique personalities on their home.


Would you like to really make a statement that impresses? Then create your own commercial office suites and Cabinets with RH Cabinetmakers. For style, grace, elegance in any custom design you’d like specifically measured and built to your office dimensions. This will make your office spaces will really stand out like nothing else.


RHCabinetmakers designs, builds and Installs Kitchens and Dining Room Cabinets with the owners unique style in mind. Because RHCabinetmakers create custom designed cabinets, these fit perfectly within the rooms they are designed for. The alternative is buying from Kitchen makers and Cabinet Makers who work with pre existing template sized cabinets and these companies will often try to lead the customer to design their cabinets to fit the dimensions of their template cabinets rather than designing specifically for the room dimensions. If you want more for yourself than Cookie Cutter solution call RHCabinetmakers today


Again experience counts. With many difficult and delicate installations under our belts we know just what to watch for and how to install your Cabinets and Kitchen quickly and efficiently ensuring that delicate surfaces are not harmed and the installation process completed with a thorough clean.
We have our own team install your Kitchens or Cabinets taking pride in the whole process from start to finish and ensuring accountability.


At RHCabinetmakers we design, manufacture and install custom designed Kitchens and Cabinets. Unlike most Kitchen companies that work with premade cabinet sizes where the company rep will often try to steer you to a design kitchens or cabinets that fits their cabinet dimensions, RHCabinetmakers allow you complete creative freedom because we design to your room dimensions and tastes so everything fits like a glove.. The design process is simple. We drop around for a friendly chat, we measure up and come back with a 3D design based on the information and ideas you have supplied guided by our experience. We fine tune the designs if required and then quickly move on to production once you are happy with the designs.


With 25 years experience designing and manufacturing custom designed Kitchens and Cabinets RHCabinetmakers has solved many difficult customer requests and installations over the years and this has given us the experience and skillset be able to manufacture and install your particular Kitchens and Cabinets frequently surpassing our customers expectations. Our well honed team and systems together with up to date technology allow us to produce your Cabinets or Kitchen quickly with precision and efficiency. Our Kitchens are designed to to last and we work to create with the intent of ensuring that our Kitchens will be serviceable and still look good in 25 years. Quality products that you buy once. As the discerning know, buy cheaper and you’ll often have to buy twice. Buy quality to save.