About Us

RH Cabinetmakers company profile

R H Cabinetmakers for many years have been quiet achievers. You’ll find R H Cabinetmakers’ work scattered through out some of the finest homes in Auckland. Word of mouth has been and continues to be our primary source of new projects, simply because our work speaks for it self. True master tradesmen/craftsmen are a dying breed in a world full of cheap imports. If you’re looking for more than this then you’ve come to the right place

R H Cabinetmakers a brief history

R H Cabinetmakers started in 1993 as one tradesman and today we have five tradesmen, 1 apprentice along with two qualified tradesmen in the office. With years of experience, we specialize in custom cabinet design of quality kitchens, bathroom vanities, laundries, furniture, shelving, counters and bars. We go to great lengths to assist the customer to achieve what the customer wants in terms of design and project specifications. We have full control of manufacturing and installation and we can arrange other trades (builders, electricians, plumbers and tilers etc.) So if you are looking for a free quote by an experienced tradesman, ring us to arrange an appointment either at our showroom or we can visit you.

Why R H Cabinetmakers are the right choice for your project?

Friendly service

This is all done in a manner that is friendly and makes our customers feel at ease and have confidence in the knowledge that they will receive great results. Whether you’re an Architect, a Builder, a member of the public, a construction company or any type of business, you’ll find working with us so seamless you won’t even blink – that’s one of the reasons why our customers keep referring us to their friends

Years of product knowledge

This means that when a project is executed every project is overseen by true master craftsmen. Decades of combined skill produces cabinets that not only look great in any style you desire, but function beautifully and are precision engineered so that drawers just glide effortlessly in an out, doors hang perfectly, details have been considered and finished to the nth degree.
All of these factors combine to produce cabinets that are exceptional and hundreds of happy customers who keep generating new business for us by their positive comments to their friends and families.

Easy Communication - we work with you through the entire process to generate great results

Decades of experience have also taught us that communication is the key to a great result and happy clients.
Not only have we become experts in the design and production of our cabinets, we have learned over the years the best ways to make a customer comfortable with the design process. We ensure that whatever level of understanding they have of the actual process, we work collaboratively ensuring that there are no misunderstandings. Many clients have trouble expressing what they want so we have worked out methods and procedures to translate your ideas and make them realities – in effect making your dreams come true.

Flexibility in design

There is a saying that in the mind of a master there are few possibilities but in the mind of a beginner there are many.
With that in mind we have over the years realized that just because we are the experts doesn’t mean we have all the design answers.
This means that we are a very flexible design team, always ready to try new ideas and combine them with our practical experience.
It’s this sort of combination of flexibility and structure that keeps us at the leading edge of our profession.
Call us and talk to us about your ideas. We like nothing better than to bring your ideas to life.

RH Cabinetmakers Guarantee

R H Cabinetmakers stand behind every cabinet we design and sell. Whether it’s large or small everything that leaves our workshop goes through a thorough quality control process before we install or hand it over to you. If you are not satisfied in any way then R H Cabinetmakers will immediately address your concerns and correct the situation.
Needless to say because of our success via word of mouth this type of above situation occurs once in a blue moon.